Gagan.Gagan many coloured #2 Aboriginal Art by Mawu-gi Artist Printmaker Painter Brent Emerson Gamilaraay Kamilaroi Acrylic Painting
Mawu-gi [ Brent Emerson ]


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Acrylic Painting

61cm (W) x 92cm (H) 

SOLD – email for your very own commissioned artwork to meet your needs.

gagan.gagan (many coloured). From the creation story of how the birds got their colours leaving only the selfish bad tempered waan (crow) to be buluuy (black). 
Heavy textured impasto gel.

Atelier impasto gel and mediums. Atelier Interactive professional artists acrylics and Atelier Free Flow. 380gsm 100% cotton deep edge stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

The back of the artwork is titled, dated, signed and has a unique 5 digit artwork ID number to identify it. The artwork is secured by 49 strand grade316 stainless steel wire rope, 316grade stainless steel wire rope grips and screw eyes.

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